Costume Breasts and Butts

    Costume Breasts and Butts for costuming. Plastic costume breasts, boobs and butts for larger than life characters. Huge costume breasts, boobs and butts in plastic and feelable latex foam. Costume Breasts and Butts are for any occassion that requires huge assets. Assorted costume breasts and butts for your sorted affairs. Plastic costume breasts and butts that are Mae West and Dolly sized. Huge costume breasts, boobs and butts or bust. Always titillating the humor of the sexual revolution. The over exaggeration of anatomical parts has adored characters to American iconism. Larger than life, bigger than big and a plastic surgeons dream come true. Big breasted women seem to caress American culture. From water cooler discussions to the names of restaurants, large boobs rule the day. By far the most frequent uneccessary cosmetic surgery, 'boob jobs' are now out in the open. Size is everything in a culture obsesed with an attitude of 'give me more' and 'super size me'. It simply isn't enough to amply fill that sexy bikini top. One must burst out of everything worn. The more stretched and buttons popping off, the better.
It wasn't until plastic surgery and surgical enhancement came along that the pushing up mechanisms and apparatus were thrown off. A nip and tuck revolution had found it's niche. All one needs is an appointment for afew bra sizes larger. High dollar, life changing implants to coax the vixen out of the ordinary crowd. Making stars of some and giving confidence to others, anatomical enhancement is here to stay. And once again it's a world economy of the haves and the have nots.
Whether a fan of the overwhelming revolution or not, we all must admit it's power over the populace. Turn on a television, take a stroll down the beach or take a drive down billboard laden turnpikes and it is quite literally in our faces. From fashion to fads, the generation of 'More Is Better' has acheived a hefty monument to it's culture. And aren't we all better off because of it?

Costume Breasts and Butts

    Plastic Breasts and Butts quite ample for any costume. Heavy weight hard plastic forms with tie ons for attachment. Luscious flesh tones for Mae West and company.

Big White Boobs (5291) $9

Big White Butt (5191) $9

Costumes Breasts

Costumes Breasts

Costume Breasts and Butts

    Huge plastic breasts and butts for costuming. Heavy weight hard plastic forms with tie ons for attachment. Hefty dark chocolate tones for Bahama Mama and island girls.

Big Black Boobs (5292) $9

Big Black Butt (5192) $9

Triple Breasts and Fake Boobs

    Eye popping triple fake breasts for unique costuming. Soft light weight latex foam for realistic appeal. Perfect gift for the mother of triplets at the baby shower. Also makes a great sexy alien, there's just more to love in outer space.

Triple Boobs (1497) $NA

Squirt Breasts and Fake Boobs

    Naughty and open to a world of optional contents. Fill with basic water for some frolicking fun or tasty titty tequila to really get the party started. Medium weight hard plastic forms with tie ons for attachment and all the tubes and squirt bulb needed.

(938) $11

Appealing Breasts and Fake Boobs

    Black and white versions of our best selling fake boobs in appealing color and cushy feel. Soft light weight latex foam for realistic appearance. These are more realistic sized.

White (069W) $9

Black (069B) $9

Costume Plastic Butts

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